Dr. Hannah Yoninah Greenberg

Name: Dr. Hannah Yoninah Greenberg

(Dr.) KJ Hannah Greenberg*
Channie Greenberg*
Channie G.*
Dr. Hannah Joy*
Dr. Karen Joy Greenberg*
Hannah Greenberg
Karen Joy Ravets-Greenberg
Karen Joy Ravets

*published under these names

Rather than pat the two-headed muskrats begging for cottage cheese near her gate, in 2008, KJ Hannah Greenberg returned her attentions to writing. Half of a dozen international newspaper columns/blogs, several hundred free-standing short works, and a Pushcart Prize nomination later, she decided to linger among the bibliophiles. This December, Unbound CONTENT will be offering a full-length collection of Hannah's poetry, A Bank Robber's Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend. During March 2012, Bards and Sages Publishing will launch a compilation of seventy of Hannah's brief fictions, Don't Pet the Sweaty Things. In 2010, French Creek Press published an assortment of KJ Hannah Greenberg's essays, Oblivious to the Obvious: Wishfully Mindful Parenting.

I assemble words into brief fictions, plays, essays, and poetry. Sometimes, I write flash fiction, or haikus. Other times, I write novels, serialized short stories, or musicals. I publish across genres, across themes, and across commonplace sensibilities. I also get my kicks from geckos, from waterfalls, and from sunsets.

Three activities seem rudimentary to sound writing; reading, writing, and rewriting. I think, as well, it’s important to get tenacious about churning out work. Discipline is not sufficient to succeed, but it is necessary.

Just like I alternate among strokes, when swimming laps, I jump among techniques when fashioning prose or poetics. I want to keep all of my mental muscles toned. Plus, it feels good to wiggle at the edges.

Contact Email address:

* Ph.D., Rhetoric and Public Discourse. University of Massachusetts. Amherst.
* M.A. Communication and Theatre Arts: Rhetorical Studies. University of Iowa.
* B.S. English: Science (Technical) Writing and Editing and Professional Writing. Carnegie-Mellon University.
* Certification. Green Allies Herbal Medicine. Wise Woman Center. Woodstock, NY.
* Certification. AP Calculus AB. Teachers’ Workshop. The College Board.
* Coursework. Childbirth Educator. Association of Labor Assistants and
Childbirth Educators. Cambridge, MA.

* home birthing, herbal medicine making, and, occasionally, basket weaving
* lovers of slipstream fiction and oboe players who never got past the second orchestral chair
* mothers who are too busy mopping carpets, diapering doll bottoms, and chopping beans to think clearly

* lack of mindfulness
* gelatinous monsters who are not potty-trained
* left-handed rubber bands

Married to my college sweetheart, inhabiting a home full of teenage and twenty-something sons and daughters, also harboring an invisible Komodo dragon and an entire array of make-believe hedgehogs.

Anything else:
I’m not sure what I want to be when I grow up. Already in my fifth decade, I intend to wander one page at a time.

Some time ago, I was a rhetoric professor. I gave up academia for motherhood and left my maternal focus behind when my children began to tower over me. These days, I keep company with chimeras, with would-be emperors of distant star systems, and with herbalist forsworn to plants outside of the mint family.

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