T F Rhoden

T F Rhoden

An American, T F Rhoden is an avid traveler.  He enjoys good lit, cold beer and learning new languages.  In fall 2011, he will begin his doctoral studies in political science at Northern Illinois University, working closely with their Center for Southeast Asian Studies.
In writing, T F Rhoden is aiming for the literary.  With the exception of a few titles, Rhoden is convinced that any piece of writing that can be labeled under a genre is probably shit.  Since writing is not his livelihood (he has a MBA for christ's sake), he feels less pressure to conform to the whims of the publishing industry.  Rhoden does not expect financial success from the written word.  He is essential just looking for something that might help him get laid more often with librarians.  As far as technique goes, Rhoden enjoys the following: alliteration, anaphora, anadiplosis, assonance, asyndeton, chiasmus, ellipses, epanalepsis, epistrophe, hand jobs, isocolon, polyptoton, polysundeton, symploce, and tricolon.

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