Alan Zhukovski

Name: Alan Zhukovski

Alan Zhukovski's fiction, poetry and visual art have appeared and are forthcoming in "MiPOesias", "elimae", "Foundling Review" and around 30 other American, British and Canadian magazines. He also works in the
field of non-fiction (literary and music criticism, journalism, philosophy, culture studies). He is of Polish and Ukrainian origin. Alan Zhukovski has authored more that 80 publications in different genres and languages.

Alan Zhukovski’s literary works are characterized by complex (but usually rather logical) imagery, their strong rhythm and philosophical coloring. He often combines elements of different genres and is open to formal experimentation. His abstract visual art puts strong emphasis on composition as a universal instrument of imagination.

Likes: meditation, haiku poetry, L. van Beethoven, hard rock and heavy metal, W. Kandinsky

Dislikes: long novels with little or no imagery


Links to my works:
Weirdyear publication (June 11).


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