Tawny Nordstrom

Name: Tawny Nordstrom

Aka: Tawny Lynn

I am an independent woman dependent on love. I say too little and think too much. I reach to often and don't let go enough. I feel passion and emotion through dancing, writing, painting and music. It's my life with love, my air to lungs.
I favor acrylics for my medium in the paintings, as well as large dimensions. Most of the pieces are abstract however, you'll find a few that symbolize realism. I like to play with mixed media as well so a few of my pieces will have a lot of texture that ranges from sand, wood, tiles to egg shells. The most beautiful thing about art is that it's subjective so whether my pieces don't make sense to you or completely move you, the experience is all that matters. 

Contact Email address:

Twitter: tawnylynnn 

Facebook: Tawny Lynn

Education: Art and Education 

Likes: Writing, Reading, Painting, Dancing, Loving friends, family and God

Dislikes: Stupid people (they are everywhere), WORMS ....and skiing 

Status : My boyfriend is famous 

Anything else: Things that complete my life: Mortal Kombat, Angry Birds, when people fall, wine, scarves, coffee, pizza and kissing... 



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