Tom Andrews

Name: Tom Andrews

Tom Andrews (not his real name, for the love of God) lives in the urban wilds of Illinois with his wife, Shelly, and their two Australian Shepherds.  A native of Wisconsin, he has been writing since his tender youth and currently writes for a non-fiction market to put bread on the table and gin in the icebox.

Mr. Andrews lets down his proverbial hair on a daily basis to write flash fiction, however, and absolutely loves it.  Almost all of his stories stem from waking dreams of a sort, so any similarities to persons living or dead is purely intentional. Please visit the author at, or find him among the other fine authors at and

Education: BA in Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin; MDiv (whaa...?) from a small place on a lake
Likes: Martinis, fried chicken, dogs, jazz
Dislikes: wet socks
Status: Joyfully married to Shelly for 13 years

Tom Andrews
Flash Fiction and Other Things
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