Dave Migman

Name: Dave Migman

Dave Migman is a writer, artist and stone carver. His first novel, The Wolf Stepped Out, came out last year on Dog Horn Publishing. His poetry has appeared in online journals such as Neon, ID Theory, Chantarelle’s Note Book and many more. His short Stories have appeared in Polluto Magazine, Weird Year and Everyday Weirdness. His artwork recently graced GUD and Breadcrumb Scabs.

I do a range of artwork. The stones I carve to make a living. They are all hand carved and I carve hundreds of designs. My computer art is a mix of montage, photography and scanned illustration. Sometimes I’ll make up some 3D elements to add to the piece (3DS Max is great, as is Z-Brush).

Education: Self Taught.

Likes: Fried squid, Werner Herzog, walking, the creative force of nature, liberty.

Dislikes: Soul crushers and life suckers.

Advice for budding artists and writers: Burn the rule book and just do it.

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