Margaret F. Chen

Name: Margaret F. Chen

Margaret F. Chen has lived all over the United States, including Iowa, Virginia, and California.  She is currently based in San Diego, where she is raising two children and three cats, which means she is actually raising five children.  Her non-fiction has appeared in Reader’s Digest, Virginia Parent News, and on Yahoo! Associated Content, and her fiction has appeared in The Shine Journal, Monkeybicycle, Long Story Short, and Yesteryear Fiction.  In 2010, Margaret's story “Mephistopheles in Miami” received an Honorable Mention in Glimmer Train’s February Contest for New Writer’s and another story, “The Pirate from Blackmoor,” was named a Semi-Finalist for the Kirkwood Prize.

Education:    Iowa State University, B.B.A., Finance; currently pursuing a Certificate in Long and Short Fiction at UCLA Extension’s Writer’s Program

Likes:        Stories

Dislikes:    Dictators

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