Amanda Firefox

Name: Amanda Firefox
AKA: Cali Rons

Amanda Firefox is the author of Shadows of Light on Tomorrow’s Mirror and another upcoming novel in the romance genre. She is a mystic and a spiritualist who knows the power of love and acknowledges it every day in every way she can. She loves romance, passion, sensuality, and the occasional foray into nerdliness. Her spiritual path is one of soft, solitary practice which acknowledges Christianity while ultimately straying into Wicca, Thelema and Quabalah. She identifies with Celtic traditions, she-wolves, dragons and the moon.

Amanda Firefox’s writing style has been described as somewhere between Rikki Ducornet and Nora Roberts. As a writer, she is just left of the mainstream and never fully in the current.

Likes: boys, boys, boys, boys. Some girls, but mostly boys.

Dislikes: prudes

Status: catch me if you can!

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Shadows of Light on Tomorrow’s Mirror

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