Mark Albert

Mark Albert

AKA: Still kind of playing around with this, but I normally use M.J. Albert, though I have used M.J. Fitzmorris and Insomnius for a few things.


Mark was born in New Hampshire, raised in Alaska, lived in California for 25 years and is now back in New Hampshire. He is a divorced father and grandfather who began writing when he was seven. (a story about a lonely school desk in the summer) Reading and writing have always been a passion; one that got lost somehow while married. Divorced now, he's back at it and will keep at it until he can no longer type or write.

Type of writing: Mostly SF&F but also Mystery and even Romance genre fiction. Currently working on a blended Science Fiction and Fantasy novel, with the vision of it becoming at least a trilogy.


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Unknown said...

I am proud to say that this awesome writer is my brother and friend. He writes from the heart and has an amazing ability to transport the reader into fantastic worlds. He is awesome!