Kevin C. Winnick

Kevin C Winnick
I am a hard working, respectful family man by day, and dark, morbid musician by night. A hunger for all that is sinister fills me and remains unsatisfied. In many ways I am just like everyone else. I love to have great times with my good friends. I love big meals and fast cars. I put my pants on one leg at a time. Once I have my pants on I kick every new day in the ass!

My art of choice is the creation of music. I specialize in dark, melodic metal unlike anything that has been heard. So far I am a solo artist, I program all the drum beats on my computer and individually record the bass tracks and guitar parts. I am in search of a singer to complete the sound I have created. Eventually I hope to record a full album, release it, and the assemble a band to play live.

Contact email:

Education: High School graduate currently enrolled in college.

Status: Single, patiently awaiting what comes next, and partying until then.

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